Welcome to the World of RYP International

Culture trumps strategy every time, which is why we believe a good strategy can only be implemented through confident and capable people who work effectively as a team.

The challenge of any organisation is the execution of any strategic plan and the consistent delivery of upfront promises and service experiences

The difference between a good business and excellent business is Leadership and Performance Disciplines which drive culture. This starts with and finishes with how credible the executive team are and their Front-Line Leaders. Implementing this is the power David Stewart brings to any Organisation he works with!

Who is David Stewart?

David Stewart is the Principal of RYP International and is dedicated to developing the capability and capacity of leaders and their organisations.

Most people know and understand the attributes of what is required to have a team that delivers sustained success and performance, but they need help to implement and apply what is inherently known. This is the domain of David Stewart.

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  • "David’s facilitation and leadership skills has delivered brilliant outcomes and feedback for us"

    - Hass Dellal – Australian Multicultural Foundation (AMF)
  • “The first CI in Warrnambool was about Alcohol Fuelled Violence and after doing the program, we saw an immediate 10% drop in alcohol fuelled violence and that was sustained in the years to follow”

    - Tracey Linford – Assistant Commissioner, Victoria Police