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About RYP

Our Mantra:

 Facta, non verba – Deeds, Not Words

Our Beliefs:

  • Team culture is the point of difference of any business – it is something that cannot be replicated by a competitor. 
  • It is team culture which brings a brand to life (upfront promises are indeed the lived experience)
  • Leadership is what fuels team behaviours and decision making
  • Team chemistry and capability is the difference between a strategic plan being successfully implemented or not.

    Culture guides performance whilst Strategy drives performance.

About David Stewart

David Stewart is the Principal of RYP International and has dedicated his career to the pursuit of teams that excel by developing the confidence, capability and capacity of leaders and their organisations to make a difference.

With over 30 Years’ Experience, David and his Team have a proud global track record of working with Organisations to make positive and lasting differences.

He specialises in the following:

                    1. Executive Leadership Coaching
                    2. Creating Positive Team Cultures
                    3. Designing & Implementing Front-Line Leadership Development Programs 
                    4. Building the Belief and Motivation of Staff
                    5. Successful Execution of Strategic Plans

Most people know and understand the attributes and characteristics of what is required to have a team that delivers sustained success and performance. The key is for leaders to implement and apply what is inherently known. This is the domain of RYP International. Helping leaders build the engagement, confidence and skillset to apply what is known and agreed. Walk the talk.

So, What Does RYP Mean?

RYP STANDS FOR ‘REACHING YOUR PINNACLE’. It has been my guiding philosophy which started when I commenced my Physical Education degree.

REACHING YOUR PINNACLE IS A MINDSET, NOT A DESTINATION. It is about you and your never-ending quest to be the best version of yourself.

When all is said and done a successful life is a fulfilled life – as defined by you

David Stewart

If you want to understand more of the origins of RYP, download the one-pager below.

About YOU:

The journey between knowing what a great team culture looks like and actually implementing the strategies to get there is where RYP International can help. 

Are you:

  • A good business that is performing well and looking to leverage and accelerate the next logical step?
  • A poorly performing business looking to turn around your team culture and performance in a manner that engages and motivates staff?
  • A merged organisation looking to unite the team and leverage and align a new team culture?
  • Looking to build the capability and confidence of your Front-Line Leaders?
  • Tired of having change management training and seeking to drive a culture of progress, innovation and achievement?
  • Seeking to conduct an intervention that will help provide an inflection point in your organisation that will create a new platform to develop from?
  • Needing a process to remove silos, kick start innovative thinking and create a more united, engaged, and agile organisation?
  • Looking to build the depth and succession of your next generation of Leaders?

All the above scenarios are just some of the projects RYP has successfully undertaken for their clients. Contact us to learn more. 

Who We Work With:

Because of the strategic need, confidentiality, and tailored nature of our work, we work exclusively with Executive Leadership Teams, Owners and Boards. 

How We Measure Success:

We measure success via a variety of ways including:

  3. Commercial Growth Outcomes (Sales, Market Share, Improved Volumes)
  4. Business Excellence Delivery including: Improved efficiencies, the reduction of waste, fewer errors & omissions, reduced costs, and the like)
  5. TEAM ALIGNMENT such as Removing silos, enhanced empowered decision making, front end and back end engagement
  6. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Enhancement through the consistent delivery of upfront customer promises or an unrivalled service experience
  7. FRONT-LINE LEADER Depth & Capability to drive a sense of resilience – optimism – accountability and urgency in Front-Line Leaders
  8. MISSION CENTRED Team Alignment and role modelling by the Executive Leadership Team and Front-Line Leaders
  9. TEAM MORALE & COMMITMENT by revealing & developing the appetite, ability and commitment of the wider leadership team to COACH
  10. STORYTELLING by staff, customers, and key stakeholders on their lived experiences and how this aligns with the upfront promises and narrative of the Organisation

We believe team culture and performance is reflected in the lived experience and observable behaviours of Leaders and Staff and the impact felt by Customers, Suppliers, and the Community. Culture cannot be window dressed as a score or a survey outcome. Team Dynamics is the DNA of any team performance

– David Stewart

“Yes, You Might”

Given that the nature of shaping team culture, developing Leaders and engaging teams is formative by nature – an action research model is applied. The starting point and what is revealed along the way dictates the speed of progress and what tools, frameworks or resources will be applied.

Every assignment is unique – nothing is pulled off the shelf – but certainly there are common themes and issues all teams have

  • "I have nothing but praise for David's role as Chair of our Group. His leadership, expertise, infectious enthusiasm and structured approach was greatly appreciated and certainly enhanced the productivity of our business"

    - Tony Waters
  • “The Colorpak team have used David Stewart and his team at RYP International on several occasions to facilitate team building. We have been delighted with the insights, approach and results that David has delivered every time through his well thought through and considered game plan"

    - Alex Commins – Colorpak