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‘Peter Drucker’ argued that a good culture would trump any attempt to implement a strategy that is incompatible with its culture.

How do you ensure you have a good culture?

This is the million dollar question every leader asks, and this FREE resource gives you some insight & strategies that can help.

This 4 page resource includes:

  • Culture defined
  • The alignment between culture and strategy
  • Why people are loyal to culture not a strategy
  • The 6 principles that will help develop a positive and desirable culture
  • The link between culture and leadership

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  • "I have nothing but praise for David's role as Chair of our Group. His leadership, expertise, infectious enthusiasm and structured approach was greatly appreciated and certainly enhanced the productivity of our business"

    - Tony Waters
  • “The best part of working with David and his team is the willingness of client staff to participate rather than begrudgingly giving up their valuable time”

    - Terry Rees – William Buck