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Are you trying your best to lead a remote team in Lockdown?

I have something that will help you.

A FREE 9-page toolkit. Here I explore and share the following:

  • What Covid has taught us about working from home
  • The top 3 lessons for employers
  • The top 3 lessons for employees
  • 10 working from home lessons
  • 6 tips for leaders to consider during covid lockdowns
  • The importance of self-care
  • The key ingredients for all teams
  • 10 lockdown thoughts for every leader
  • Personal leadership tips to adopt in lockdown

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  • “The Colorpak team have used David Stewart and his team at RYP International on several occasions to facilitate team building. We have been delighted with the insights, approach and results that David has delivered every time through his well thought through and considered game plan"

    - Alex Commins – Colorpak

  • “The first CI in Warrnambool was about Alcohol Fuelled Violence and after doing the program, we saw an immediate 10% drop in alcohol fuelled violence and that was sustained in the years to follow”

    - Tracey Linford – Assistant Commissioner, Victoria Police