The test of any culture is whether there is a ONE MESSAGE MANY VOICES response from staff, colleagues, peers, customers, suppliers and other key stakeholders.

Story Telling is the window to the soul of any team culture and brand. It is the most powerful and authentic method to describe a team or the essence of any leader.

Organisations that focus on hearing and sharing the stories of their staff and customers tend to pick up trends on performance levels more quickly, thus allowing them the opportunity to act, respond, and innovate.

How does RYP assist?

At RYP, we work with clients to develop their unique story of who they are and why they care.

The key is to then turn that united story into easily accessible and visible outcomes for ALL staff to see, know and apply.

Some outcomes include:

1. ‘Game Plan on a Page’ – This shows where the story of who the business is and where it is going. This can also be displayed throughout the office(s)

2. ‘Storyboard’ – A2 sized storyboard to be displayed throughout the office(s) for all staff to regularly see and know

3. ‘Passport’ – given to each staff member to regularly read and show to those around them

“It is increasingly important for businesses to own their story, before somebody else does” – RYP

  • "RYP International have guided us to build a truly high performing interdependent team culture which has translated into significant growth in our business"

    - Andy Ambrose – A-Gas
  • “The Colorpak team have used David Stewart and his team at RYP International on several occasions to facilitate team building. We have been delighted with the insights, approach and results that David has delivered every time through his well thought through and considered game plan"

    - Alex Commins – Colorpak