The Art of Coaching eBook


Learn what it means to be a conscious and effective coach, whether it be in business, sport, education or as a parent. In this 138 page eBook, David shares practical tips and tools to ensure you are an effective and impactful Coach.



The Art of Coaching eBook

The ability to engage, inspire, teach, and motivate others is not just a coaching skill, it’s a life skill.

This Art of Coaching eBook has applications in professional, sporting, and personal settings.

Coaching is a set of actions, behaviours, beliefs, and knowledge sharing to improve a person or team. The important part is that it is delivered by someone who is trusted and respected. Every Coach has a unique formula for pursuing this and The Art of Coaching eBook is a practical guide to help support and develop the skills of any Coach.

This guide outlines the 5 essential pillars of any successful Coach, whilst providing clear frameworks for thinking and offers over 70 practical tips that can be implemented immediately.

This guide is a must-have tool kit for any experienced or aspiring coach, no matter the context or setting.

 “A good Coach can change a game – a great coach can shape a life”
– David Stewart

Why is this eBook so powerful?

  • It’s an easy to read eBook guide on how to become an amazing Coach
  • Targets all Coaches in all circumstances (business, sport, education, parenting)
  • Breaks down the key themes of Coaching and team dynamics, so it is easily understood
  • Includes 75 practical tips that can be implemented immediately
  • Is structured around 5 Pillars of Coaching:
    1. The Coach’s Motivation (what the Coach stands for)
    2. The Coach’s Game Plan (the Coaching building blocks) 
    3. Team Culture & Cohesion (creating the right environment)
    4. Motivating Others (how to inspire)
    5. Fuelling High Performance (good – better – best)
  • Includes a number of practical coaching frameworks to use and adapt
  • Entails a simple coaching checklist to apply
  • Promotes self-reflection and application

“I have developed this guide to help Coaches Coach! Coaching cuts across many leadership qualities. My aim is for this eBook to provide a set of practical tools, tips, and frameworks, so any coach can become more effective, confident, and capable. It fits into the DNA of our purpose – helping those who can make a difference, make a difference.”
– David Stewart

A Sneak Peak Inside…

  • "David’s facilitation and leadership skills has delivered brilliant outcomes and feedback for us"

    - Hass Dellal – Australian Multicultural Foundation (AMF)
  • "David Stewart has guided us to build a truly high performing interdependent team culture, which has translated into significant growth in our business"

    - Andy Ambrose – A-Gas