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Team Building that Energises & Inspires

Not to be confused with team bonding – you can do that yourselves. Any RYP Team Building Program is tailored and designed to:

  • Reveal the default team behaviours and attitudes
  • Highlight desired team behaviours
  • Provide a mechanism by which participants can practice, explore, and personify desired team behaviours
  • Explore the team dynamics of any team
  • Foster an environment of Fun Focus Familiarity and Discipline into teams 

Our Team Building Programs can be designed and packaged into:

  • A half day
  • A full day,
  • Two days
  • Three-days

All above programs are scored with pre-determined outcomes and measures of success, plus a 100 day follow up. 

See the below video of the impact David had on participants of a 3-day program (which lasted 32hours).


Train the Facilitator:

Often our team processes work well where the senior managers are acting as facilitators and are required to both brief and debrief teams around any team activity. Facilitation is an important skill for any senior or potential senior executive to have, and does require experiential learning and practice.

Everyone is responsible for their team’s chemistry. Attitudes, actions, and attributes is all anyone brings to a team. Making this hum happens by design and requires a collective ownership and safe environment to practice and rehearse the desired behaviours. This is what is at the heart of any of our team building programs. 

– David Stewart


  • David guided the cultural transformations of companies I lead from 1999-2012. His methodologies are based upon behaviours and active engagement between people, teams and leaders. The sustainable effect of his framework remains evident at my last role (2007-2012 - prior to my retirement) and has long been positively discussed at all levels within that company even today (2020). I highly recommend David for a "no nonsense, understandable and behaviours driven" cultural change programme.

    - Mike McCarthy
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  • “The Colorpak team have used David Stewart and his team at RYP International on several occasions to facilitate team building. We have been delighted with the insights, approach and results that David has delivered every time through his well thought through and considered game plan"

    - Alex Commins – Colorpak