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Need an Engaging Keynote Speaker?

David’s style is energetic, engaging, and entertaining. He has a direct and non-fluff style, which is sure to stimulate some thinking, challenge mindsets and educate those who attend. 

Some of the topics he can present on include:

  • Leading in Uncertain Times
  • Developing Front-Line Leaders
  • The Six Attributes All Winning Teams Have
  • What Motivates Staff – Don’t confuse hygiene factors with Motivators
  • Are You an Authentic or Toxic Leader?
  • Leading yourself – “Quo Vadis – Where are you Going”
  • There are only two ways to Coach – Up Ambassadors and Coach Out Trolls 
  • The Art of Coaching:- 52 Coaching Tips for a Coach
  • Leading a High-Performance Team Culture
  • 15 Myth Busting Culture Tips
  • The Blind Side of Leaders
  • Building Resilience, Optimism and Accountability – The key ingredients to any team success
  • Leadership Credibility – Symbolism & Role Modelling is Everything
  • Leadership Qualities & Behaviours for Different Parts of the Business Cycle
  • Leading Yourself – Everyone has a Front Yard and a Back Yard – is yours aligned?
  • Six Team Attributes Needed for when the Going Gets Tough
  • Why Leadership Development Programs Fail

Do you have what it takes to be excellent? I am not a fan of well-intended incompetence. The world is littered with teams and leaders who know what to do but fail to implement. Excellence requires three elements which include: An appetite to pursue it, a leadership will to implement it, and finally clear definitions & measures.

– David Stewart


Every assignment is unique – nothing is pulled off the shelf – but certainly there are common themes and issues all teams have


  • I have had the opportunity to work with David for many years. During this time he has been exceptional at delivering on the brief to achieve excellent outcomes. He has worked with me on everything from internal sales conferences, leadership development as well as playing a critical role in supporting the business acumen within our dealer network. Dave did a fantastic job with our future leadership program “Navigator”, which led to numerous internal promotions as well as one pro"

    - Jamie Mair
  • “The first CI in Warrnambool was about Alcohol Fuelled Violence and after doing the program, we saw an immediate 10% drop in alcohol fuelled violence and that was sustained in the years to follow”

    - Tracey Linford – Assistant Commissioner, Victoria Police