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What is ‘Front-Line Leader Development’?

The development of Front-Line Leaders must be the focus on any Learning & Development (L&D) program, as this is where the best return on investment and effort lies (ROI + ROE).

The successful anchoring and consolidation of any desired culture rests with the application and role modelling of what is desired by the Front-Line Leaders

Our award-winning Navigator Program explores three core pillars for Front-Line Leaders:

  1. Coaching & Leading People
  2. Business Acumen
  3. Business Excellence

The program is co-designed with clients, along with seven components of evaluation. Typically conducted over 12 months and utilises a 70-20-10 Model of L&D technique:

  • 70% of all learning takes place on the job (what a candidate applies and has a go at themselves)
  • 20% of learning occurs from a colleague (their Colleagues and Senior Managers)
  • 10% of learning occurs in a classroom / online (In a formal L&D Session)

Our Navigator Programs are being conducted around the World using a range of technology platforms as the process by which organisations develop and engage their Front-Line Leaders, whilst building their familiarity, alignment and effective decision making – judgement.

Front-Line Leaders are the glue between the successful execution of strategy and anchoring of a desired culture. Ignore them at your peril! They are the mechanism to bring strategy and culture to life at the coal face.

– David Stewart

See a video of the impact David had whilst working with the Front-Line Leaders of the Australian Multicultural Foundation

  • I have had the opportunity to work with David for many years. During this time he has been exceptional at delivering on the brief to achieve excellent outcomes. He has worked with me on everything from internal sales conferences, leadership development as well as playing a critical role in supporting the business acumen within our dealer network. Dave did a fantastic job with our future leadership program “Navigator”, which led to numerous internal promotions as well as one pro"

    - Jamie Mair
  • David Stewart's approach not only helped engage and unite our community, he also motivated and stimulated key stakeholders, which allowed for strong project management, fund raising, communications and promotion. The project outcomes would not have been possible without David's expert guidance, professionalism and facilitation - Our Town is forever grateful”.

    - Paul Kelly – Paul Kelly Creative