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What is ‘Front-Line Leader Development’?

The development of Front-Line Leaders must be the focus on any Learning & Development (L&D) program, as this is where the best return on investment and effort lies (ROI + ROE).

The successful anchoring and consolidation of any desired culture rests with the application and role modelling of what is desired by the Front-Line Leaders

Our award-winning Navigator Program explores three core pillars for Front-Line Leaders:

  1. Coaching & Leading People
  2. Business Acumen
  3. Business Excellence

The program is co-designed with clients, along with seven components of evaluation. Typically conducted over 12 months and utilises a 70-20-10 Model of L&D technique:

  • 70% of all learning takes place on the job (what a candidate applies and has a go at themselves)
  • 20% of learning occurs from a colleague (their Colleagues and Senior Managers)
  • 10% of learning occurs in a classroom / online (In a formal L&D Session)

Our Navigator Programs are being conducted around the World using a range of technology platforms as the process by which organisations develop and engage their Front-Line Leaders, whilst building their familiarity, alignment and effective decision making – judgement.

Front-Line Leaders are the glue between the successful execution of strategy and anchoring of a desired culture. Ignore them at your peril! They are the mechanism to bring strategy and culture to life at the coal face.

– David Stewart

See a video of the impact David had whilst working with the Front-Line Leaders of the Australian Multicultural Foundation

  • “The best part of working with David and his team is the willingness of client staff to participate rather than begrudgingly giving up their valuable time”

    - Terry Rees – William Buck
  • "David Stewart has guided us to build a truly high performing interdependent team culture, which has translated into significant growth in our business"

    - Andy Ambrose – A-Gas