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What is ‘Coaching’?

Coaching should not be confused with “counselling.” Whilst we take a holistic approach to any executive we are coaching – our focus is to optimise their performance. 

Our Executive Coaching Framework falls under Five broad pillars:

  1. The Execution of Strategy
  2. Building & Role Modelling the desired Team Culture
  3. Living and fulfilling upfront Brand Promises
  4. Personal Wellbeing (success at the expense of your health or your family is failure)
  5. Personal Leadership Skills and Style

The coaching model is experiential and formative by nature and occurs over 12 months via x 10 intimate face-to-face (or Zoom) sessions per year. These are conducted on a private and confidential basis. The focus is to maximise the potential performance in a manner which supports personal needs and stated business objectives.


Who motivates a motivator? One of the best returns for effort is providing coaching support to the biggest influencers over an organisation. Keeping a sense of confidence, balance, focus and motivation on any leader always helps improve team performance.

– David Stewart


Every assignment is unique – nothing is pulled off the shelf – but certainly there are common themes and issues all teams have


  • David guided the cultural transformations of companies I lead from 1999-2012. His methodologies are based upon behaviours and active engagement between people, teams and leaders. The sustainable effect of his framework remains evident at my last role (2007-2012 - prior to my retirement) and has long been positively discussed at all levels within that company even today (2020). I highly recommend David for a "no nonsense, understandable and behaviours driven" cultural change programme.

    - Mike McCarthy
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  • “The best part of working with David and his team is the willingness of client staff to participate rather than begrudgingly giving up their valuable time”

    - Terry Rees – William Buck