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Need an experienced facilitator for your conference or event?

Having an executive conference off-site is an important investment to get right. It’s important to ensure the participants come prepared, are challenged and engaged, and leave with a clear set of agreed actions and next steps. 

David is an experienced and energetic facilitator who ensures the time away is spent to achieve maximum outcomes and use of time.

He has facilitated conferences and events around the World and provides a four-step approach:

Step 1: Preparation and Pre-Kit for Participants + agenda setting and running sheets for organisers.

Step 2: Event Facilitation

Step 3: Post Event Debrief and Observations

Step 4: 100 day Follow Up


Having an impactful conference or event starts by having a clear set of predetermined outcomes, and finishes by having a powerful and memorable lived experience. There is a real art to curating and facilitating an event that has impact.

– David Stewart


Every assignment is unique – nothing is pulled off the shelf – but certainly there are common themes and issues all teams have


  • "David’s facilitation and leadership skills has delivered brilliant outcomes and feedback for us"

    - Hass Dellal – Australian Multicultural Foundation (AMF)
  • David guided the cultural transformations of companies I lead from 1999-2012. His methodologies are based upon behaviours and active engagement between people, teams and leaders. The sustainable effect of his framework remains evident at my last role (2007-2012 - prior to my retirement) and has long been positively discussed at all levels within that company even today (2020). I highly recommend David for a "no nonsense, understandable and behaviours driven" cultural change programme.

    - Mike McCarthy
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