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Warrnambool 32-hour Community Safety Challenge

warrnambool-32-hour-community-safety-challengeThe greater community of Warnambool decided the incidence of alcohol-fuelled violence needed to be addressed. A trend that had been increasing for over two decades, the council, local police and major community groups wanted to run an event to capture the imagination of the community to take action and make a difference.

RYP International assisted in the design, promotion and facilitation of a 32-hour community engagement program to do just this. It involved bringing all relevant stakeholder groups together for 32 hours where they worked as a unit to collaborate on 100-day initiatives that they would be responsible for implementing at a local level.


ata-trucksafeIn the incidence of heavy-vehicle road accidents and fatalities was tat an all-time high and the Australian trucking industry needed a major overhaul to implement a recognised safety accreditation program that addressed driver health and well-being nationwide.

RYP International researched, designed, trialled and implemented a driver safety program, now called ‘Trucksafe’, which addressed the key standards including driver health, driver fatigue, vehicle maintenance and safety checks.

The initiative was hailed the largest preventative men’s health program in country and made Australia a trailblazer for driver fatigue management programs. Since it’s implementation the trucking industry has maintained this initiative and is now credited as one of the safest heavy-vehicle industries in the world.

Under 25s Road Safety Challenge

under-25s-road-safety-challengeThere was an over representation of Under 25-year-olds in regional road trauma throughout Victoria. The Warrnambool and Moyne city councils agreed that enough was enough and it was time to take action. With Victorian Police and other major community groups on-board, they wanted to run a program that created a unique youth-driven communication and multi-media campaign, which would tackle problem behaviours in young drivers.

RYP International was involved in spearheading the design, promotion and facilitation the community engagement program which was effected to unite a group of local under 25-year-olds two days. During this time, a communications and multi-media strategy was designed, which the youth group was responsible for implementing over 150 days.

The group thrived exceptionally well, creating three outstanding TV commercials relating to unsafe boundaries in a car and the consequences of not speaking against safe driving. They also designed three radio commercials, all of which were very powerful. They are currently strategising and implementing these outcomes to reach the wider community of Warrnambool and Moyne.

  • “Concept wise I think it’s an awesome way to be able to get a group to share a story”

    - Hunter Leonard
  • “To only have a short period of time to articulate what can be some deep inner thinking, it surprised me how easily the words rolled out”

    - Brendan McCarthy