Awareness without action is useless.

The liveability of a community depends on its people and the social issues that are affecting them. We understand this and have extensive experience in uniting communities to help them work together to solve the most pressing and complex social issues.

Through our collective impact framework, we have developed a united approach to do just this by engaging the necessary stakeholders, including community groups, organisations and government, to work together.

The project pathway we employ comes with readily available resources, which enables us to coach people in communication, attracting funders, garnering media interest, and creating and implementing the right action plan to alleviate their community of the issue at hand.

The issues that we tackle through our Collective Impact framework are often the most pressing and complex social issues that affect a community’s standard of living, including:

> Alcohol fuelled violence> Road safety> Obesity

> Driver fatigue

> Women’s rights

> Cultural diversity> Substance abuse> Homelessness

> Youth unemployment

> Domestic violence


Stop accepting the unacceptable. If your community is being affected by a social issue that requires a bold and enterprising approach, we can help you take action.

For further information or discussion on any of our collective impact work please contact our team.

  • David guided the cultural transformations of companies I lead from 1999-2012. His methodologies are based upon behaviours and active engagement between people, teams and leaders. The sustainable effect of his framework remains evident at my last role (2007-2012 - prior to my retirement) and has long been positively discussed at all levels within that company even today (2020). I highly recommend David for a "no nonsense, understandable and behaviours driven" cultural change programme.

    - Mike McCarthy
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  • David Stewart's approach not only helped engage and unite our community, he also motivated and stimulated key stakeholders, which allowed for strong project management, fund raising, communications and promotion. The project outcomes would not have been possible without David's expert guidance, professionalism and facilitation - Our Town is forever grateful”.

    - Paul Kelly – Paul Kelly Creative