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The Client

RACI is the leading local Insurer of WA in Australia.

The Issue

RAC is a Member based organisation committed to enhancing and protecting the lives of Western Australians. Its insurance business faced a back drop of rapidly declining market share, the threat of increased competition, a succession of several departed CEO’s and a workforce who were disengaged and required to move its culture from one of compliance to one of pride, unity, proactivity and commerciality. Under a new Executive Team & CEO it was agreed a new culture needed to be pursued to grow market share and become the logical home and motor insurer in Western Australia

The Plan & Methodology

A Five-Year Roadmap was developed with the Executive Team Called “On the Move”. The plan was synthesized down to one page called Game Plan on a Page and had five core pillars

  • Implementation of an Achievement Culture committed to fulfilling customer and colleague commitments
  • Redesigning the claims experience to be efficient, customer intimate and easy
  • Aligning Brand Values and the Customer Lived Experience as being proudly Western Australian
  • Reducing the operating costs by becoming more efficient and streamlined in the way work was done
  • Being profitable and commercial in all day to day decision making

The methodology targeted and focused on building the Capability and Capacity of the Front-Line Leaders to develop and coach their teams through the above five strategic pillars. There was a relentless focus on cascading the Game Plan on a Page and 5 strategic pillars down into each area of the business By

  • Running a series of Good Practice Forums which included 100-day reviews
  • Adopting a set of behaviours which supported an Achievement Culture
  • Conducting Offsite Experiential Team Advances for all staff to help build familiarity with each other and allow the participants to practice, rehearse and apply the desired behaviours.
  • Building the Commercial Acumen, Coaching & Facilitation Skills of the Front-Line Leaders
  • Allowing teams to reimagine, renew and reinvent how they transact business to drive efficiencies
  • Developing an aggressive PR & Mark-Comms that used staff as being the deliverer of the message – not actors
  • Totally remodelling & realigning the reward, recognition, and communication systems to support and affirm the desired behaviours
  • Implement a disciplined weekly – monthly – quarterly and annual pulse to ensure effective use of time – prioritisation and performance indicators through the use of data, dashboards and reporting

The Outcomes

Staff turnover dramatically dropped, whilst team engagement and morale metrics greatly improved that helped deliver

  • Sustained year on year profits, premium growth (GWP) and cost reductions
  • Year on year growth in market share – despite a fivefold increase of new competitors onto the market
  • Growth in member satisfaction (NPS) and retention levels
  • Clear succession via the depth & talent in the next tier of managers and future leaders
  • Numerous Industry Awards for achievements in Marketing – Employee Engagement – Business Impact 
  • The adoption and implementation of a new claims system which greatly enhanced the customer experience and reduced the call volumes and call times

  • “The best part of working with David and his team is the willingness of client staff to participate rather than begrudgingly giving up their valuable time”

    - Terry Rees – William Buck
  • I have had the opportunity to work with David for many years. During this time he has been exceptional at delivering on the brief to achieve excellent outcomes. He has worked with me on everything from internal sales conferences, leadership development as well as playing a critical role in supporting the business acumen within our dealer network. Dave did a fantastic job with our future leadership program “Navigator”, which led to numerous internal promotions as well as one pro"

    - Jamie Mair