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The Client

A-Gas is one of the fastest growing Environmental Service Companies in the world.

The Issue

A-Gas International is a rapidly growing environmental services gas company targeting reducing greenhouse gas emissions through the reclaim, capture, and reselling of HFC, R22 and Carbon Gases. Owned by a series of private equity houses over the past 20 years, it had a need to drive growth through the pursuit of an enterprising culture, business excellence capability and a M&A capability. Key was the need to preserve and enshrine the enterprising culture that has served the business well in new staff and recently acquired acquisitions. Starting from humble beginnings in the UK, South Africa and Australia, A-Gas had grown into The Americas, Europe, Asia and NZ to become a global company that was at risk of breaking into a series of silos and underperforming assets.

The Plan & Methodology

Design a common set of frameworks, languages, disciplines, and culture that could be globally driven and locally applied, hence linking all staff and businesses together. The strategic global frameworks included:

  • The Development of their Game Plan on a Page
  • Defining and applying the A-Gas Way (P&C Guide)
  • Creating a set of cultural values (SPOT ON – Zero Harm)
  • Adopting a 70-20-10 Model of Learning
  • Having a sustained and systematic approach to developing the Coaching and Commercial decision making of Front-Line Leaders
  • Adopting in each part of the business a Horizons of Thinking Model (H1 H2 H3)
  • Capturing the history of A-Gas and packaging this into a series of story sharing tools (Book / eBook / Presentation / Vimeo’s
  • Cause for Applause reward and recognition system

The process for applying and implementing the above required a global approach with local application and personification. This was done by working closely with the Global Executive Team and each of the Regional Managing Directors. The methodology including

  • Mentoring Process to support key executives
  • Front-Line Leadership Program to build the depth, and Coaching & Commercial Skills
  • Training Passport for all Operational Staff
  • The facilitation and sharing of Good Practice Forums
  • The creation of cross functional work teams to solve problems and come up with local innovations to fuel business excellence outcomes
  • The rolling out, engagement, reward and recognition for the adoption and application of the desired cultural behaviours and disciplines
  • Regular performance Summits hosted by Executive Team Members to share and explore “good practice” and “solutions – innovations” to problems across a range of disciplines
  • A reward and recognition system linked to the Critical Success Factors (Global & Local)
  • Disciplined communications including: Monthly all of staff town hall communication meeting, start and end of week team meetings, quarterly updates, regular team get togethers, newsletters, email briefings and conference calls

The Outcomes

  • Awarded Amazon Employer of the Year 2020
  • UK Best Employer 2018 & 2019
  • Continued 15% Organic Year on Year Growth
  • Sustained EBITDA Levels exceeding industry benchmarks
  • Emerging depth and talent pool with Front-Line Leaders and High Potentials
  • Commitment to Zero Harm and Omissions
  • Customer Experience consistent – authentic and valued

  • "I have nothing but praise for David's role as Chair of our Group. His leadership, expertise, infectious enthusiasm and structured approach was greatly appreciated and certainly enhanced the productivity of our business"

    - Tony Waters
  • “The best part of working with David and his team is the willingness of client staff to participate rather than begrudgingly giving up their valuable time”

    - Terry Rees – William Buck