The test of any culture is whether there is a one message may voices response from staff, colleagues, peers, customers, suppliers and other key stakeholders.

Story Telling is the window to the soul of any team culture and brand. It is the most powerful and authentic method to describe a team or the essence of any leader.

Organisations that focus on hearing and sharing the stories of their staff and customers tend to pick up trends on performance levels more quickly, thus allowing them the opportunity to act, respond, and innovate.

How does RYP assist?

The lived experiences of your staff and customers can only ever be revealed by their stories. We have a stepped co-design methodology to engage staff in and the use of story capture and telling. These include:

  • Co-design workshop to scope out and project plan a story telling capture and share campaign
  • Story listening methodologies to capture stories via a variety of methodologies. We prefer to use the theory of narrative
  • Design, scope and help facilitate staff engagement, debrief and communication interventions
  • Develop and implement authentic anchoring and consolidation methodologies to ensure behaviours, systems, symbolism and performance measures and all aligned and meaningful

“It is increasingly important for businesses to own their story, before somebody else does” – RYP

  • “The first CI in Warrnambool was about Alcohol Fuelled Violence and after doing the program, we saw an immediate 10% drop in alcohol fuelled violence and that was sustained in the years to follow”

    - Tracey Linford – Assistant Commissioner, Victoria Police
  • “To only have a short period of time to articulate what can be some deep inner thinking, it surprised me how easily the words rolled out”

    - Brendan McCarthy